Links to useful applications



  Free Software/Shareware
Adaware2008 - Spyware removal tool
Spybot Search & Destroy - Spybot removes and immunizes against a range of spyware
 Adobe PDF reader A web standard document viewer
  WinZip 9.0 - A file compression and archiving tool
WinRar - File compression and archive tool for a wide range of file formats
QuickTime - Apple based media viewer and image browser
Winamp - A feature packed media player.

Technical sites - Free Computer help for everyone
Overclockers Australia - Australia's busiest hardware community - Australia's premiere source of PC information
Toms Hardware -  Reviews and news in the PC hardware community
Atomic - My favorite magazine - Tech help - Reviews - Tutorials - Forums
Free Image Editors
The GIMP for Windows
Free Online Virus Scanners
BitDefender Online Scanner
Trend Micro Houscall
Panda ActiveScan
Free Virus Breaker
MacAfee Stinger
Free Version Antivirus Software
AVG Antivirus Free Edition
Avast Antivirus Home Edition
Free Version Firewall Software
Sygate Personal Firewall
Zone Alarm Free Firewall


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